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This flip-flop is unmatched in comfort and looks. The Men’s Brazil Havaianas are the clear choice of the sandal pro. If you want to look cool, and feel cooler then you should go with the Brazil Havaiana. Named for where it is made, this footwear embodies the spirit of Brazil. With a love of partying (every year during carnival), adventure filled jungles, and some of world’s greatest weather, this flip-flop takes after the country that its from. In the sense that it is a party for your feet, built for adventure, and made for the sun. While England isn’t exactly the Amazon, it is still important to have a shoe that can take on all terrains. These flip-flops are perfect to take in the panoramic view of Edale skyline and hip enough to fit in when walking the streets of Birmingham. The patented blister-free strap has a Brazilian flag emblem reminding you from whence it came. Because it comes in an array of colors, you can get the one that fits your taste. With a classic look, just wearing them will trigger the familiar feeling of a beautiful day.