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Now this is a pair of flip-flops everyone can get on board with. Everyone likes this sandal, because this sandal likes everyone back. This is Havaianas’ most popular pair of flip-flops, and with good reason: Sandals this comfortable shouldn’t be allowed to look this good. With over 35 colors, ranging from bright pink to pitch black, you can get the sandal that is best for you. These flip-flops are 1.5 cm high and will fit in with your outfit, and will fit comfortably on your feet. Ranging from size 5-15, there is a pair that will fit your feet perfectly. The world’s best rubber flip-flop will support and comfort your very sole. Even walking through the Coniston Round will seem like a breeze in these classic sandals. The blister-free strap is guaranteed to hang with ease on to your feet. Get the Havaiana Top Flip-flop! Then get out there and cut loose!

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